2017 #Calgary Million Parent MARCH for Justice. An international event

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Calgary City Hall
Calgary, Alberta, CA

Posted by Alberta Youth Voice Radio #opexposecps.

Family court. Forced alienation from children. Alberta justice and sharp practices. Denial of Alberta legal aid. Unfair and unethical judges.

Corrupt child protection forcing families away from each other.
I think many people are alone and isolated . Parents feel helpless when faced with such a Goliath of an enemy. The enemy of the family unit .
We wish to organize a march on behalf of families rights. It's called The Million Parent March.
It is already well organized in the United States .
We need to speak about the injustices that our happening to Alberta families, in this particular case Calgary.
Privacy oppression is happening in the Calgary court house that needs to be exposed.
So this event is a planning stage . We need all kinds of activists and creative people.

Anything that you can contribute for this march would be greatly appreciated.
So please join us in making the best march Calgary has ever seen!
We also need donations: wood for signs, and placards.
People's talents : Chalkers (sidewalk graffiti artists), mega phones, banner materials, experienced activists, social media activists, graphic designers, artists, musicians, dedicated videographers ( to record or live stream the event ), open source journalists, meme artists,dancers, singers.
People willing to speak about their experiences with the justice system in Alberta .
Street medics, street security, accountants ( we have a specific reason for this ).
Children are welcome!