What Feeds Us YYC Presents - Hungry For Change!

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The Alex Community Food Centre
Calgary, Alberta, CA

Posted by Alexandra Zannis.

“What Feeds Us” is an innovative new youth hub in East Calgary centered around civic engagement, good food, and art. Youth come together every week to learn about different issues impacting their communities while developing leadership skills and finding their voice in advocacy work.

The youth of “What Feeds Us” are hosting a town hall themed discussion at the Alex Community Food Centre on September 14th, 2017 in regards to prioritizing equal access to nutritious and sustainable food throughout Calgary.

Following a wholesome dinner curated in collaboration with a local chef, a dialog will be held pertaining to why good food is imperative in building healthy communities. We invite all attendees to converse alongside youth and community members directly affected by food insecurity and the growing impediment on the universal well-being of the individual and the collective.

This youth organized and facilitated event aims to plant the seed and construct a roadmap to create comprehensive and thoughtful new policy/programs within the Calgary food sector. Our mandate is to ensure EVERYONE has a seat at the table and given the right to a nutritious, holistic lifestyle. Help us foster community.