True stories of oppression in Alberta Court Houses OPEN MIC DAY!

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Calgary Courts Centre
Calgary, Alberta, CA

Posted by Alberta Youth Voice Radio #opexposecps.

More and more people have been forced to self represent. Others are deeply misrepresented by their lawyers.

Witnesses and "expert witnesses"for the director ( child protection) are treated like they speak the gospel truth.
Where as hard felt and well evidenced testimony for and from the parents and family and even experts are not given fair weight and often times disallowed or ignored.
This is a DEADLY DOUBLE STANDARD that is making a select few rich,select few dead,and the majority of forced participants suffer greatly from the lack and loss of loved ones .
( social workers , lawyers and judges don't lose their jobs , businesses, homes and property for having to go to court , or mandated programs.
Sharp practices are happening in all levels of court.
Justices is not happening and people's stories MUST BE HEARD. SO PLEASE JOIN US .