Keep YYC Nazi-Free

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Calgary City Hall
Calgary, Alberta, CA

Posted by Calgary Anti-Fascist Action.

Friends, comrades, and allies, we call on you again to help denounce yet another hate group that just popped up, the Guardians of Alberta.

A new group that picked up an old name. They will be speaking out against Motion103 (which passed back in march but we still need to talk about it) in order to veil their hateful anti-muslim, anti-immigrant rhetoric.
They have invited Chadd Bennetau and Jeremy Phillips, members who were kicked out of WCAI (Worldwide Coalition Against Islam) for being too racist, threatening violence and making suggestions of genocide. Initially they supported the group but after learning of the ex-members involvement, have denounced them. If a group is too much for even WCAI, they need to be opposed and that is what we intend on doing.

Come join us at 11am in solidarity of our friends and allies and share this event!

¡No Pasarán!