Social Capital Tournament

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Bridgeland Riverside Community Association
Calgary, Alberta, CA

Posted by Saima Jamal.

Social Capital Tournament Finals
Saturday August 26, 2017
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Bridgeland Community Centre

917 Centre Ave NE

We warmly invite you to attend a special event in Calgary that envisions a brighter future for this world. The Calgary Social Capital Tournament showcases exemplary team projects by visionary Calgarians.


9:00 AM Doors open. Continental Breakfast served.

9:30 Opening Ceremony (Performance by Turkish children dance groups)

10:00 Welcome and orientation

10:15 First team presentation (Format: 20 minute presentation, audience scoring, score announced, Q And A)

10:45 Second team presentation

11:15 Film by Salima Stanley-Bhanji

Noon Lunch is served (courtesy of Jerusalem Shawarma 16th Ave) followed Keller-Einstein small group discussion games over lunch where audience comes up with transformative ideas for short collaborative projects

1:00 Open microphone for each Keller-Einstein group to describe their idea for a project

1:30 Third team presentation

2:00 Fourth team presentation

2:30 Fifth and final team presentation

3:00 Announcement of the Tournament Score for the 2017 Finals

3:10 Closing ceremony (Japanese Children Choir & Circle Dance by Ronnie Leah Joy)

5 team Presentations are the following. They compete for cooperation and to see who created the best social innovation project this year:

Team 1 - Give back from the Heart. (Nour Yasin) Come find out how this group of Syrian newcomer youth along with a dynamic team of Canadians are volunteering their way to give back to Canada, which has welcomed Syrian refugees. The group builds connections among Syrian newcomers and Canadians. They help them to know each other as people, not labels or stereotypes; and build mutual support among Syrian youth in Calgary as they recover from war, learn English, adjust to their new home.

Team 2 – SV 1000 Club. (Ahmer Memon) What lessons can we learn from a project that is happening in Pakistan? Sindh, the second most populous province of Pakistan, has an agriculture-based economy. Less than a quarter of the population have paid jobs. The villages are often impoverished, lacking power, clean drinking water; or education and health facilities. The Sindh Vision-1000 Club project was created to enable a practical, hands-on solution to challenges faced by impoverished villages in this province of Pakistan, providing the residents of villages with encouragement and support in solving their problems on a self-help basis.

Team 3 – Live for Humanity Foundation. (Mashhood Qazi). Alberta experienced one of the most serious economic downtowns. In a recent survey, over 80% of immigrant women who arrived in Canada in the last 1 year is still unemployed. This group goal is to help immigrant/ refugee women to become self sufficient through employment or small business ventures; and to provide support also for the men in their families to enhance domestic stability. It accomplishes this through advocacy campaigns, one-on-one counselling, seminars, professional development training, and workshops.

Team 4 - Paarman Development Inc. (Nyabuoy Gatbel). We know refugee women are especially vulnerable when fleeing the hardships of war and finding themselves in a country where resources may not be readily available. The goal of this group is to create healthcare facilities to help women with maternity and the safe delivery of children of South Sudanese Refugee women living in Panyido refugee camp, near the Gambella region of Ethiopia. Learn about this Calgary project and find out how you can get involved.

Team 5 - Centre for Harmonious Coexistence. (Mahendra Singh, Naomi Terner, Spencer Klettke) This group realizes we need a new perspective about the self; about human relationships and global governance; and about our relationship with nature. We need a way of thinking that ensures harmony and balance from the personal to the global level. We need a new model of education, one that fosters sustainable patterns of thinking and behavior. Such an education would recognize our shared human goal of well-being for all. This group will present the project’s progress so far in creating initiatives that recognizes its goals.

This event is hosted by Dr Arthur Clark and Saima Jamal. The Social Capital Tournament is an initiative of the Calgary Centre for Global Community

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