Calgary May Day Planning Meeting

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Red Bush Tea and Coffee Company
Calgary, Alberta, CA

Posted by Calgary Social Change.

Let’s get together this Monday evening, April 3rd, 7:00 pm, at Red Bush Coffee and Tea, (225 - 10 Street NW) to sort out plans for this year’s May Day Picket.

May Day, just a few weeks away, is a day of unity and struggle which belongs to the international working class movement. It is a day to stand together to press for specific demands and also to reaffirm what the workers stand for and what their struggle for their rights and the rights of all represents in the present and for the future. It is a day when fighting contingents of workers declare what challenges they will take up for solution in the coming year.

A good start as we prepare for May Day is to think about what concrete solutions can be put forward to solve the problems the workers face. For this reason, each year in Calgary we organize a picket and organize a potluck and hold discussion where collectives of workers review the battles workers have waged in the past year, the obstacles in their path and the challenges they must take up in the coming year.

This year the working people face difficult circumstances. In Alberta alone, the unemployment rate is still 8.3% and in Calgary it is 9.4%, the highest among 33 Canadian municipal areas. Those unemployed in Alberta join the over 1,200,000 unemployed workers in Canada. Job loss continues in the energy sector. The cause is said to be the crisis in the oil patch, and all levels of government are promoting that building pipelines will lead to economic growth and good jobs. The workers opposition disputes this claim and puts forward that what is needed is a new direction for the economy. The workers themselves, especially the energy and building trades workers, whose lives are made so precarious by the present rip and ship direction of the economy must themselves find a way forward through their own initiative. A new direction for the economy to serve the people and build vibrant thriving communities can only come from the initiative of the workers, their allies and political representatives themselves forming a powerful movement along with the institutions they require to bring in the new.

If you are free this Monday, April 3, at 7:00 pm, join us at Red Bush for a May Day planning session.