Teaching Black History/ Unlearning White Privilege

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University of Calgary - Professional Faculties - PF4261
Calgary, Alberta, CA

Posted by Dorsa Sobhani.

Currently, across social work faculties in Canada, there is limited focus on Black history, experiences, knowledge and lives. Despite an over-representation of Black communities in child protection and criminal justice systems, there is no mention of educating social workers on Black or African-Canadian history within the Canadian Association of Social Work Education Accreditation Standards (2014).

This absence is paired with the need for explicit discussions on white privilege and the urgency of social work education and practice that elevates concrete strategies and praxis (including critical action) to address this pervasive, socially constructed inequality. Further, the racialization of poverty and an increasing climate of Anti-Black Racism centralize the urgency of this discourse in social work teaching institutions. Join us for a roundtable conversation on this critical social work issue. We welcome the attendance of participants from other disciplines.

Roundtable Leads:
David C. Este, MSW, PhD
Michael Embaie MSW
Kehinde Ariyo, MBA, BSW student
Dorsa Sobhani, BSW student
Liza Lorenzetti, MSW, PhD

This event is co-sponsored by the Faculty of Social Work, the Social Work Students Association and the University of Calgary’s Diversity Week

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