Vice's RISE: The Urban Rez

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CommunityWise Resource Centre
Calgary, Alberta, CA

Posted by Treaty 7 Film Collective.


Treaty 7 Film Collective proudly presents the Calgary screening of Vice's new documentary series RISE. The episode we're featuring is with host Gitz Crazyboy as he explores "The Urban Rez."

In this episode, we travel to Winnipeg to learn of the historic trauma, the systemic issues plaguing the city, those battling with the intergenerational effect of residential schools, high crime and violence directed at girls and women, and also meet the people on the front lines protecting their homelands and rising up against colonization.

During the panel discussion, Michelle Robinson will be talking with Gitz Crazyboy, the host of the episode, as we listen to him share about his experiences filming this episode, what and who was left out, exploitation, the resistance and resilience of Winnipeg, as well as speaking with those who are behind the hard work and genius of Red Rising Magazine, a collective based out of Winnipeg.

"The idea is to create a magazine that is unfiltered and able to tell a story about what is happening right now, and what is about to happen next. The work that we will continue to do will be relentless, and will hopefully inspire a new generation of Indigenous artists, thinkers, writers, and leaders in the community. Welcome to Red Rising. The time for our stories to be told is now!"