A Vision for Canada

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Unitarian Church of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta, CA

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Hope you can join us for a discussion on "A Vision for Canada"

Event Description:

Do you ever have questions like:

· Who’s really running the democracy show?
· Why can’t we have clean air and water?
· Can’t Public Health Care be improved and expanded?
· Why not fix the wealth and income gap?
· Where do the profits go?
· What do Canadians really get from CETA, NAFTA, TPP, and like agreements?
· How can Canada afford Billion $$ ships and planes but not clean water and housing on reserves?
· Which political party has a platform with a true vision for Canada?
· Pipelines or Solar Panels? Jobs?

Canadians need activist organizations to provide a clear future vision for a better Canada and peaceful world.

The Council of Canadians is one of those organizations.

Free event – donations gratefully accepted

For more information contact: Mel Teghtmeyer at meltec@telus.net or (403) 295-8123