Build a Table- Not a Wall.

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Olympic Plaza
Calgary, Alberta, CA

Posted by Only Kindness Matters.

Calgarians come together to celebrate immigration and diversity

Inspired by the Women’s March on January 21, a grassroots organization called Only Kindness Matters invite members of their city to join them on February 26, 2017 to Build a Table, Not a Wall.

Part artistic performance, part celebration, the event, taking place in the main stage area of Olympic Plaza, 228 8 Ave SE, will begin with participants breaking down a wall and transforming it into a table, where refugees and immigrants are invited to sit and share stories of their journeys to Canada. The event is designed to celebrate the diversity of our country and welcome newcomers. We are a nation of Indigenous people and immigrants, and in light of the recent American travel ban on Muslims and the call to build a wall on the US-Mexico border, as well as the recent terrorist attack in Quebec, we wish to reaffirm our appreciation of immigrants and refugees and their contributions to our city and country and show them they are welcome here.

Only Kindness Matters also welcomes municipal, provincial and federal politicians of all parties to hear how their constituents are tolerant of and welcoming to newcomers and to sit alongside us at the table.

The performance begins at 10:45am and our table will be ready from noon until 2pm. Come enjoy a cup of tea with us and share your story. Children will be in attendance.