Calgary LeadHERship Training

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Calgary Girls' School Society
Calgary, Alberta, CA

Posted by Sole Girls.

If You Want to Empower Girls - This is it!

LeadHERship Training is a 2.5-day intensive program that will teach you tools to connect with tweens, share your story and create an impact! We've all been through something we wish girls don't ever have to go through - body image, mean girls, bullies, mental health - be a mentor and change lives!

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Friday Evening: 6-9pm (optional)
Saturday: 9-5pm
Sunday 9-5pm

Join our founder Ashley Wiles in LeadHERship Training and be an inspiring leader. In this workshop, we combine a series of role play exercises, self-discovery and group dynamics, and heart opening that creates a safe space for parents, coaches and leaders to develop and understand tweens, skills and tools they can use to help girls thrive. Thriving as a leader is also and on-going learning experience.

LeadHERship Training is a three-tiered program to centered with who you are, align yourself with your purpose and design a life of IMPACT.

‣ CENTER - Discover your impact mindset, personal worth, strengths, and values and understand your
personal story.

‣ ALIGN - Align your personal goals and energy with your purpose and get clarity on what it means to
​live a life of impact.

‣ IMPACT - Take action and responsibility! Take the first steps to communicate your story and influence others for good. Develop skills to manage groups and relate to tweens.

During LeadHERShip Training, leaders will:

‣ Amplify impact by learning how to share your STORY.
‣ Learn tools to form strong CONNECTIONS.
‣ Pinpoint the real “GIRL” issues faced by TWEENS.
​‣ Skills to COACH girls beyond sport in your community.
​‣ Learn tools to successfully manage GROUP DYNAMICS.
‣ Learn how to be an effective and memorable FACILITATOR.
‣ Learn how to set GOALS and discuss VALUES.

Following LeadHERship Graduation, LeadHERs are eligible to become a Sole Girls Coach or Start a Program in their Community!