Postponed: Building Resistance — Next Steps Gathering, Treaty 7

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Calgary, Alberta, CA

Posted by Calgary Social Change.

IMPORTANT — THE TIME AND DATE FOR THIS ARE NOT FINALIZED. Due to the upheavals currently going on, we’re facing challenges getting this event finalized. For now, this is just a placeholder until details can be set. Thanks for your patience.

This was to happen on January 28, but now will happen on some future date. Please contact us if you would like to be part of the organizing for this event.

(Still working on getting a suitable location — suggestions/offers would be very welcome. Preferably somewhere central, or near C-Train, and fully accessible.)

A gathering of people in the Calgary area, in Treaty 7 territory, to share, discuss, and plan, actions (ongoing and new) to take to advance social and environmental justice, and to counter the global and local rise of oppression and fascism.

This is following on from the tremendous surge in desire to make change coming from the Women’s March.


Part 1 (aiming for 10 minutes):
* Acknowledgement of traditional territories.
* Ground rules, safe space guidelines.
* Quick overview of the guiding principles for the gathering.
* Presentation of, amendments to, and approval of, agenda.

Part 2 (aiming for 10 minutes):
* Summarizing existing infrastructure available (spaces, internet stuff, tools & equipment, funding, etc.).

Part 3 (aiming for <40 minutes):
* Projects & actions presentations (just a couple minutes each)

Part 4
* 5 minute stretch break

Part 5 (aiming for 75 minutes)
* Facilitated group discussion on settting priorities and determining which projects & actions have sufficient collective interest to pursue as a broader collective. May use tools like “dotmocracy” to help determine direction(s).

Part 6 (all remaining time)
Informal “milling about” and smaller group discussions to get folks working together and taking on specific tasks.

To be part of the projects & actions presentations, if you (individually, or with others) have a project going, or an idea for one, please post it here (or send a private message on the Calgary Social Change page) and we’ll try to work out a schedule for folks to make short presentations at the event. (If you prefer not to present, but still want to contribute a project, please let us know and we'll try to get someone to present on your behalf.)