Protest Liberal abandonment of Electoral Reform

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Kent Hehr’s constituency office; 950 - 6 Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Calgary, Alberta, CA

Posted by Grant Neufeld.

The federal Liberal government of Canada have announced that they are abandoning their commitment to electoral reform in a betrayal of democratic principles.

Please join in a protest outside local Liberal MP Kent Hehr’s constituency office in Calgary.

Please: No signs/displays/slogans for other political parties. This is to show opposition to the Liberals, not to support any particular other parties.

Please dress warmly! I generally recommend dressing for about 10°c colder than you think it will be.

Some possible sign suggestions:
“Electoral Reform Now”
“Keep Your Promise”
“No More First Past The Post”
“Democracy Now”
“Make Every Vote Count”

And, in the meantime, please contact your MP to demand that electoral reform be carried out: