Free Talk: Anti-fascist Feminism, Organizing Liberation

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Calgary School of Informal Education
Calgary, Alberta, CA

Posted by Calgary School of Informal Education.

In a time when fascist, white-supremacist and misogynist worldviews are increasingly mainstream, how can a persxn be feminist? How can we advocate for equality in a time of anxiety?

Come and share your concerns and ideas.

Learn about how activists and writers like Harsha Walia, Hannah Arendt, Antonio Gramsci and Leanne Simpson fight fascism and promote an decolonial, gender-liberatory, anti-fascist world.

We will talk, share, listen, learn, and create.

About Norah Bowman :

Norah Bowman, Interdisciplinary Studies Department Chair (Kelowna)
In 2014 I received my PhD from the University of Alberta in the English and Film Studies department. My dissertation is a study of BC settler literature in relation to climate change, the mountain pin
Recent Projects:
My new work is about resource extraction in the BC interior, and how First Nations rights and title challenges settler narratives. What are the new stories we tell, and how we build relationships that recognize colonialism and look to a peaceable and just future? I'm not sure, but I am curious.
I'm also working on a graphic novel about historic and ongoing feminist social activism. This includes some writing about the Russian group Pussy Riot, and I have been reading Judith Butler and Athena Athenasiou about performance, compassion, and politics.