Calgary's 9th Annual Valentines' Day Women's Memorial March

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Scarboro United Church
Calgary, Alberta, CA

Posted by Chantal Stormsong Chagnon.

9th Annual Valentine’s Day Women’s Memorial March
Tuesday, February 14, 2017, will mark Calgary’s 9th Annual Valentine’s Day Women’s Memorial March. The event will take place at Scarboro United Church and will begin at 6:30pm with speeches. The march will begin at 7pm and light meal will follow.

The Memorial March works to raise awareness and inspire change in regards to violence against women.

Although gendered violence affects all women, Indigenous women face compounded and unique risks. The Valentine’s Day Women’s Memorial March planning committee has shared the following facts:
• A vast majority of Indigenous women have been assaulted. Violence may have begun while at residential school or by parents whose souls were damaged by the residential school experience of rape, physical abuse, and cultural genocide. Violence continues into adulthood, ranging from 48% to up to 90% of Indigenous women being assaulted at the hands of their partners, depending on the community in which they live.
• Indigenous women also experience racially-motivated attacks and are harassed on the streets by the public and police in far greater numbers than non-Indigenous women.
• Indigenous women are five times more likely to die because of violence than any other group of women in Canada.
• Unlike most women who are at a greater risk of being assaulted by an intimate partner, Indigenous women are equally at risk of being assaulted by a stranger– this is a clear indication of the racist and sexist underpinnings of violence against Indigenous women.
• Because of the continuing effects of the Indian Act, Indigenous women face insecurities related to housing, employment and access to services both on and off reserve, leaving them more vulnerable to violence.

Please join us, everyone is welcome.