Basic Income Meeting Calgary

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Nicolls Family Library Westbrook 1413 33 St Sw
Calgary, Alberta, CA

Posted by Ann Silbernagel.

You Are Invited!
Basic Income Meeting Group
Meeting Date: February 10, 2017

Time: 1 – 2:45 pm

Location: Nicholls Family Library (Westbrook) – 1413 33 ST SW

Meeting Preparation

A. Please bring your feedback on the proposed Values, Beliefs and Principles

"Values, Beliefs, Principles:

We Believe
All Albertans have the right to a dignified life.
The current income support system in inadequate and broken, making it difficult to navigate; it often robs people of their dignity and sets up poverty traps that are difficult to overcome, thus further marginalizing those accessing support.
Canada needs a national poverty reduction strategy which includes provisions for adequate assured income program(s).
Assured income pilots should be designed using a principled approach, grounded in human rights.
We Value
Lived experience expertise.
The different ways members will contribute towards achieving our mandate.
Using evidence and research in our approach to decision-making.
Innovation and creativity.
Our Principles
We will work together in a respectful manner, allowing for critical dialogue and discussion.
We will ensure that those most directly impacted by our mandate are actively engaged in local efforts as participants, advisors, influencers and decision makers"

B. Please identify which objectives you'd like to support in terms of developing strategies and actions to move them forward

Objectives/ Deliverables:
To consult with community allies and establish a key set of assured income pilot design principles.
To develop a communication toolkit that clearly demonstrates the value of assured income program(s) and that provides the human rights/economic case for piloting assured income programs.
To promote assured income pilot design principles by engaging the local community and dialoguing with key stakeholders who vary in their support or opposition to the principles.
To engage elected officials and Administration at each level of government on the value of piloting a principles-based assured income program.

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