2 events on Thursday, March 23, 2017

: Teaching Black History/ Unlearning White Privilege

University of Calgary - Professional Faculties - PF4261
Currently, across social work faculties in Canada, there is limited focus on Black history, experiences, knowledge and lives. Despite an over-representation of Black communities in child protection and criminal justice systems, there is no mention of educating social workers on Black or African-Canadian history within the Canadian Association of Social Work Education Accreditation Standards (2014).
Posted by Dorsa Sobhani.

: Cities in the Pub IV: The Politics of Affordable Housing

The Last Defence Lounge
Join TURN as we host a panel discussion on the politics of affordable housing. Decent housing is a human right. But many Calgarians struggle to afford this basic need: about 60,000 Calgarian homeowners are over extended on their shelter costs; only half of Calgary’s households have sufficient income to afford to buy a starter home in the condominium market; and 68 % of low-income renters are over spending on shelter.
Posted by The Urban Research Network at U of Calgary.