2 events on Sunday, February 26, 2017

: Build a Table- Not a Wall.

Olympic Plaza
Calgarians come together to celebrate immigration and diversity

Inspired by the Women’s March on January 21, a grassroots organization called Only Kindness Matters invite members of their city to join them on February 26, 2017 to Build a Table, Not a Wall.

Posted by Only Kindness Matters.

: Let's Talk

Calgary School of Informal Education
Our first meeting for newly formed collaboration Let's Talk.

Let's talk started in cities across Canada and the US, and is finally Coming to Calgary. Focusing on providing safer spaces to folks of colour, Let's Talk gives space for conversation on experiences of oppression and racism. Let's talk welcomes allies to join in a listening capacity - to learn from and witness the experiences of racism and oppression ongoing in today's society.

Posted by Calgary School of Informal Education.